Zinus Vs Casper Mattress Review and Comparison

When you are in the market for a new mattress, there are many choices out there to look into. Most items are memory foam based and you can get the highest quality products delivered right to your door. Some of the top brands, including Zinus and Casper, have products available to fit all types of beds. Keep reading for a Zinus Vs Casper mattress review and comparison. It can help you determine which product is best for your bedroom and what it can do for you.

Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress Review

This mattress has 4 layers of memory foam, each of which is different, to keep you supported and comfortable. It is available in 6, 8, 10, and 12-inch sizes, which come in every bed size you can think of.

The interior of the mattress is permeated with green tea extract and activated charcoal to keep bacteria and moisture at bay. This enables it to last for a longer time without accumulating germs or mold issues.

It has a standard 10-year warranty, since it’s designed to work well for a long time. The foam used has a special certification and is intended to be quite resilient.

Other things that this mattress has going for it are that it will conform to your body and it can accommodate around 500 pounds. In other words, it works well for people of many different sizes.

You are unlikely to get too hot or cold when you use this one, and it isn’t too firm or hard. There is a medium firmness too it, meaning it should be able to accommodate you, even if you are prone to aches and pains.

zinus memorry foam mattress

Some things that users don’t care for when it comes to this model are that it can take a long time for it to reach its proper shape, and that it might have a smell. It normally only takes a couple of days to inflate, but it can take up to a week, depending on the temperature in your location. As far as the smell goes, some people notice it, while others do not. There’s no way to tell if yours will have a factory smell or not until it arrives at your home.


  • Item comes with a 10-year limited warranty.
  • Mattress is infused with green tea extract tokeep it from smelling bad.
  • It will not cause you to sweat or get too cold.
  • The product is designed to naturally conform toyour body.
  • It will work well for all sizes of people.


  • It can take up to a week to get to its proper shape.
  • Mattress may have a smell that takes a while to dissipate.

Zinus Gel-Infused Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress Review

This Zinus mattress is a lot like others, but the top layer of memory foam it has is infused with gel. This makes the whole thing more firm, which can be bad or good, based on your needs and likes. The gel has also been incorporated in an attempt to keep this mattress cooler, where you won’t get hot, in any season.

There is a knitted cover, which is hypoallergenic, and made of jacquard. Instead of just green tea extract in this item, there is also castor seed oil. These together get rid of the bacteria and other things that you do not want in your mattress.

You will get plenty of support with this product alone, so you don’t have to use a box spring unless you want to.  It really doesn’t need it, as long as your bed has slats and a solid foundation.

cooling gel zinus memory foam mattress

Just like the other option, it can take a while for the mattress to inflate, but this one does not have as many smells reported as the other Zinus offering. If you do encounter smells, it is advised that you keep the room the bed is in well ventilated, and wait for the smell to go away.


  • There is a hypoallergenic cover on the mattress.
  • The first layer of memory foam is infused with gel.
  • Castor oil and green tea extracts keep mattress from breeding bacteria.
  • You do not need a box spring to use with this product.


  • It is firmer than other similar memory foam mattresses.

Casper Sleep Mattress Review

Possibly the best thing about this mattress is that it has a 100-night guarantee. You can try it in your home for up to 100 nights to see if you like it. If you do not, you are able to have it picked up and returned. That is an interesting concept and something people have actually tried.

Something else that makes it different from other items in its class is that it doesn’t take a long time to expand when you unwrap it. While it can take a few days, it is unlikely to. It should expand in less than a day, which means it won’t be a long wait before you can enjoy it.

It has multiple layers of foam inside, which are all constructed of hypoallergenic latex. The layers also have air pockets, which let the mattress vent itself. This will keep the entire thing from getting too hot, and in turn making you overheat while you’re sleeping.

casper sleep mattress

These different layers also cushion you properly, and keep the product from shifting or getting a groove in the middle. This can be a problem in other mattresses, but it should not be an issue with the Casper.

Again, this one may have a smell left over from the manufacturing process, and it could take a long time to go away. Be patient and make sure that you aren’t putting your face on it.


  • It won’t take a long time to expand completely.
  • Product has a 100-night risk free trial.
  • Pressure points are cushioned in all areas of the body.
  • Mattress is designed to air itself out to stay cool.


  • The smells may take a long time to go away.

The Comparison

Now that you have read about each product, you can learn about how they compare to each other and differ, in some of the most important aspects.


The Zinus products get rave reviews for their comfort level, with many people not having any problems with them in that regard. They both have foam layers to help you get relief on your joints and allow for your weight to displace properly, meaning you will stay comfortable throughout the night.

The Casper mattress also has a great amount of comfort that it can provide. If you have joint issues or pain, it may be a little bit better when it comes to overall support. It is less likely to have you tossing and turning at night because you suddenly feel uncomfortable.

Overall, there isn’t much of a difference regarding comfort, as each of them is comfortable for a wide range of people.


The Zinus gel infused product is the firmest of the bunch because of the top layer that provides much support. This is good if you like your bed to be firm, but if you want it to be softer, the other Zinus product will work just fine.

The Casper is roughly the same firmness as the regular Zinus mattress, so there will not be much of a difference in this area, whichever you buy. Some customers feel like the Casper will stay firmer all over for longer, mainly because of the way the foam layers are made. It shouldn’t get low spots easily, which means it will be comfortable across the whole bed.

Motion Isolation

When it comes to motion isolation, it is roughly the same in Zinus and Casper beds. If you have a bed or platform that is suited to this type of mattress, you will have the highest amount of motion isolation, since there aren’t a lot of other factors getting in the way.

This also depends on the amount of weight in a bed and how much each person moves throughout the night. The Casper is good at dispersing weight, and the Zinus products are as well. In both cases, you can still tell when someone is moving, but maybe not each time they get up. There isn’t a lot of motion, but there is some. Enough to wake light sleepers.

Layer Construction

The Zinus Green Tea Mattress has 4 different layers of foam. In the case of a 12-inch model, this includes the softest foam on top, which is 3 inches of memory foam, 2 inches of comfort foam, and the lower two layers provide support, and keep it firm. They consist of 3.5 inches of high-density foam and 3.5 inches of high-density support foam.

The Zinus Gel-Infused Mattress also has 4 layers of foam, all covered in a jacquard cover that won’t irritate your skin. For a 12-inch version, these layers are a 2-inch gel-infused layer on top to keep you cool, 3 inches of comfort foam, then 3.5 inches of high-density foam and another 3.5 inches of high-density support foam. This is not much different from the other Zinus product.

However, The Casper doesn’t list the widths of the foam that they use. They do describe what the different layers are for. The top layer has air pockets and is designed to keep it airy and able to breathe. The second layer is for added comfort, while the third is for balancing weight distribution. Finally, the fourth layer helps with stability, so the mattress doesn’t move around a lot.

All of these products have multiple layers, but it is best to know what you are getting for your money. The Zinus products tell you the widths and purposes of the foam layers, while the Casper doesn’t provide as much information. Both have layers that are specified for different purposes, but it is a tossup as to which one’s foam layers are better. 

Edge Support

All of these products may have some issues when it comes to edge support. One of the reasons for this is that there isn’t that much support on the edges, due to the way that beds are naturally made. For example, sitting on the side of the bed might make you sink into it, no matter which one of these mattresses you buy.

Another issue may be the corners. If your bed inflated properly, the corners should provide an adequate amount of support, but if your bed didn’t inflate right in the corners, this is another place where the support could be lacking. Again, this can be the case for any of these options, so it is not something to base your decision on.


Zinus mattresses are available in more sizes and widths. Both can be purchased in 6, 8, 10, and 12 inch widths, and in over half a dozen sizes. The sizes cover everything from a narrow twin to a California king, although each size isn’t available in all widths.

In the case of the Casper, it is available in only one width, but it is not advertised what that width is. It does come in different sizes though, but not as many as the Zinus products. It is only 6 different sizes.


There are no reported safety issues with Zinus options or the Casper either. The only problems with safety that may come up are if you are using the mattress with a bed frame or something else that isn’t safe. Otherwise, there is no reason to think that any of these products are unsafe for any reason.


Both Zinus and Casper beds come with a 10-year warranty. This is regarded as an industry standard and pretty much tells you that both types are designed to let you sleep on them for quite a while. You will probably want a new mattress long before that decade is up.

On the other hand, Zinus products call it a 10-year limited guarantee, while Casper does not. You would have to read the specifics on their brand websites to find out the details of each.

Back Pain Relief

You will see back pain relief no matter which one of these items you choose, which can be a relief if you have been losing sleep because of this type of pain. It will depend on the severity of your issues, but each of these have rave reviews for helping people sleep when they have back pain and joint issues.

This makes a lot of sense because both companies use different types of foam to get a better foundation and comfort level for their users. Essentially, they are designed to lessen pain and hit you in just the right spots, so you won’t be up all night feeling achy.

Inflation Time

Zinus options are intended to inflate all the way in around 3 days, but sometimes can take up to a week. It is unlikely that they will be ready to sleep on before that, so you will have to be patient and keep your old mattress for a few more days after you get one of them.

The Casper will inflate very quickly though. It can be ready to use within a matter of a few hours, although some people may have to wait days to see it inflate fully. Clearly, the Casper has an upper hand in this, since there is a good chance that you will be able to use it the same day you get it.


Many people report that Zinus beds have a terrible smell, but others didn’t notice anything at all. This is the same for the Casper bed, although the smell was not reported as often.

Also, Zinus states that there is no reason to worry about the smell, as it is non-toxic. This is good to know, so you don’t have to be anxious about what you’re breathing.

Casper tells you that the smell may take a long time to go away, which is not really something you want to hear when you’ve purchased a new product.

It seems like the Zinus is less likely to have a smell, and even if it does, it may go away sooner than the smell coming out of a Casper mattress. Remember that this is usually just the smell coming from the making process. It is not really something that you need to worry about, even if you smell it. Unless it keeps you up all night or gives you a headache. If that occurs, you may need to return the item you bought.


There is relatively no difference in terms of packaging. Both brands arrive at your door in a box, where the mattress is wrapped in plastic and waiting to be opened. The boxes are a manageable size, although the mattresses can be heavy.

Price Comparison

This is where there is a rather large difference between these brands. The Zinus products are far more economical than the Casper. For instance, either Zinus product in a queen size will cost you around $300, while the Casper is about $1000 bucks for a queen.

There isn’t a lot of difference in terms of quality, comfort, and what you are actually getting to warrant paying 3 times as much for a similar mattress. They have reviews that say the same things and both are used by thousands of people with good results.

If you know someone with a Casper or have tried one and can feel the difference, you may want to spend the extra money. It’s also important to note that it does come with the 100-night guarantee, which the Zinus products do not, but there isn’t much difference besides that.


According to people that own these items, all of them have the same strengths and weaknesses, so it is hard to choose which one is the absolute lead. They all offer support for joints or pains, and do not move around a lot whenever two people are trying to sleep on them together.

Both also have reported smells and instances of not inflating properly, but this is not the norm for any of these models, so it shouldn’t be expected as an inevitable occurrence.

Overall, the mattresses that are the best mix of value and features are the Zinus models. The green tea mattress and the gel-infused mattress are not that different, and it seems that the biggest thing that separates them is the firmness of the gel-infused type.

Other than that, they come in the same widths, sizes, and are similar in price, so it’s up to you which one you want to try. There are few problems with them, and they both are comprised of much of the same products, and have the same warranty.

No matter what size bed you have, you can find a Zinus mattress that fits it, which isn’t the case for the other brand. This may not be a big deal if you have a normal size bed, but it can be if you don’t. The fact that each mattress is infused with green tea and charcoal doesn’t seem like a big deal either, but since it helps keep bacteria and other germs away, it is something that you will probably be glad is in there.

There is no indication that there is any protective coating that kills odors or bacteria in a Casper mattress, although there may be, and it simply isn’t stated. This would be something that could be a major selling point. It is made from hypoallergenic latex on the inside, which might be able to keep some of the allergens away from you.  The Casper is also a great mattress, but there is not as much information about it available. Since there are no details about the widths of the foam layers or anything like that, it is hard to imagine that it is worth 3 times the price of the other mattresses. You also get the same warranty.

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