The Best Neti Pot and Sinus Rinses You Can Buy

The Best Neti Pot and Sinus Rinses You Can Buy
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Are you suffering from Cold, Nasal block, Allergies, Infections or any thing arising from it? Who would not want a best and the simplest remedy to relieved from it.

The solution to this kind of irritation is the most reliable, the Neti Pot which is a perfect panacea for these problems.

Neti pot is a your nasal congestion reliever, which works in a natural way.

The Netipot is an old Indian yoga technique of nasal irrigation which comprises of pot made from ceramic, plastic, glass or steel material. It bears a solution of saline, which can be eaily made at home or sachets provided by the company.

This is the most effective technique to relief from cold, infections, nasal block, Postnasal drip, allergies, sinusitis and other consequences of congestion like headache and Gone are the days of inhalation problems.

In what conditions neti pot is used?

  • Inflammations like Nasal congestion.
  • Acute and chronic Infections like Cold and Flu.
  • Dry sinus, Sinusitis, Rhinitis.
  • Numerous Allergies.

How does a neti pot work?

The neti pot works by irrigating the nasal passages and thinning the mucous. The thick mucous blocks the sinus, thereby causing irritation and difficulty in breathing, besides the ugly pestering by the post nasal drip.

The neti pot solution cleanses the clogging thick mucous, thereby reducing the infection, inflammation, pressure in the sinuses.

It is a very very simple procedure and the most reliable and most economical procedure to treat nasal congestion and reduce infections and inflammation.

What solution is used in a Neti Pot?

The neti pot generally uses a boiled water with salt mostly or any other salty solution and ingredients  from the sachets provided by the neti pot brand.

Some brands also provide some oils along with the regular sachets. However, the efficacy of such oils is yet to be determined.

It is recommended to use a single or only few drops of such oils, if at all you intend to use the same.

What to look in for a best Neti Pot?

With the ever rising cases of  nasal congestion, cold, allergies there is an increase in demand to choose from a variety of neti pot brands.

These are the best qualities of that you must find in a netipot :

It should be easy to use and needing less care.

It must be ergonomic to use and less fragile. However, any ceramic or glass ones must be with a good grip to avoid any fall. If you choose a ceramic neti pot, be sure its  a non toxic and lead free ceramic.

The neti pot design should be made to make it less vulnerable to the growth of mold or bacteria. As the growth of any mold or bacteria will further aggravate your condition.

It is always desirable to have neti pot made of BPA Free Plastic, if you choose plastic one.

A good sized one that can fit most of your family members.

How to use Neti Pot?

Its rather a simple technique and needs a very simple practice. You need to stand near a shower and sink. Tilt your head to one side at an angle of 45 degrees. Raise the over the intended upper nostril. Lower the neti pot nose in to the upper nostril, seal nozzle completely in it  and allow the solution to drain in to the upper nostril until it comes out from the lower nostril.

Top 6 Best Neti Pots

  1. Aromatic Salt Premium Ceramic Neti Pot, Green
  2. Himalayan Chandra Neti Pot Complete Sinus Cleansing System Starter Kit
  3. Dr Hana’s Nasopure Nicer Neti pot
  4. ComfyPot | Ergonomic Ceramic Neti Pot
  5. NeilMed Nasaflo Porcelain Neti Pot, 50 count.
  6. Navage Nasal Irrigation Starter Bundle, Navage nose cleaner

Aromatic Salt Premium Ceramic Neti Pot, Green Review

The most sought after  neti pot of ceramic make. This removes the irritants and allergens naturally from your blocked sinus ,there by reducing infections and nasal block.

What else do you need if your neti pot is made from ceramic that too from non toxic and lead free material. This neti pot is specially designed with a tapered spout to fit comfortably in the nostril. The capacity is 8 oz.

Aromatic Salt Premium Ceramic Neti Pot, Green 
by Aromatic Salt

Aromatic salt premium neti pot is dishwasher safe as its made from porcelain ceramic. It is attractive than any other neti pot, as it is eye catcher when left on your shelf, when it is not in use.

Most importantly even tough its made of ceramic, its designed precisely with a  hygienic solid handle with no cavities. This design prevents mold or germ growth as water is not left over .

Himalayan Chandra Neti Pot Complete Sinus Cleansing System Starter Kit Review

It is a very good product from the famed Himalayan company, introduced 35 years ago. This product is made from lead free ceramic and has an attractive glaze.

You get a starter kit which comprises of Ceramic netipot, Neti pot salt 10 ounce jar and 2 ounce bottle of Neti wash plus.

Himalayan Institute Neti Pot

It definitively provides relief from nasal allergies, sinusitis and other recurrent problems. It has good contour shaping that directs a very good flow of solution.

The product gives its class and description of warnings unlike any other neti pot which do not disclose the material and make in complete.

Honestly, no other product will give such comprehensive description of its class and make than this Himalayan neti pot, even it means to deter a customer from buying. Most products intend to hide (In varying degrees )the details of the class and make of product.

This famed product is also featured on America`s famous talk show.


California’s Proposition 65 Warning : This item contains chemicals known to cause cance, birth defects, other reproductive harm, as provided by the California Office Of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment,OEHHA.

FDA Evaluation: Not evaluated by the FDA

Ingredients :

The neti salt comprises of the Pharmaceutical grade commercially available Sodium chloride (99.99%) which is non iodized and also no additives or any baking agents are used in this salt .

The neti wash comprises of Zinc acetate, Golden seal root (Hydrastis caaedensis) ,Phellodendron bark (Phellodendron amurense, Coptis root (Coptis chinenesis, Barberry root (Berberis Vulgaris), Grape fruit seed extract, Vegetable glycerin and distilled purified water.

Both the ingredients and the salt do not cause any nasal irritation or burning sensation in the nostrils owing to Himalayan brand expertise in making them.

Dr Hana’s Nasopure Nicer Neti pot Review

Forget all your nasal block and allergy problems, when you have Dr.Hana`s designed Nicer neti pot.

This product naturally removes all the allergens, relieves you from the nasal congestion, clears the sinuses  and reduces your infection.

Dr. Hana’s Nasopure the “Nicer Neti Pot”

It is one of the most trusted product designed from Dr.Hana. This is ergonomically designed, with travel friendly, resealable cap. It also provides Buffered salt blend which is a buffered, comfortable pH balanced Alkaline solution.

No additives or preservatives are used.Hence, this is a an all natural product. Its makes you most comfortable as the biggest advantage of this product is that this blend does not render any irritation ,burning or drowning sensation.

This product is easy to clean with soap and warm water, but never use tap water, but not Microwavable as the plastic is soft squeezy bottle only.

How to make your own solution with Nicer Neti pot

Use distilled water 1 quarter, 1 tsp  baking soda and salt respectively.

ComfyPot | Ergonomic Ceramic Neti Pot Review

Its the best ever design you can ever have in a ceramic make  neti pot as its ergonomically designed and besides you have an additional advantage as two silicone nozzles are provided.

The silicone nozzles ensure neti pot does not spill over other unintended areas, and ensures smooth flow. It can be easily cleaned,and can be put in a microwave. These nozzles therefore  can be shared after cleaning.

ComfyPot | Ergonomic Ceramic Neti Pot

The silicone nozzles are dishwasher friendly too with no hard to clean areas or contours. Overall this product lasts longer.

NeilMed Nasaflo Porcelain Neti Pot, 50 count Review

Its is plastic free, Ceramic and contains preservative free USP Grade (United States Pharmacopiea) Sodium Chloride and Sodium Bicarbonate mixture. This mixture is non iodized ,Isotonic and with natural ingredients and hence gives a non burning sensation.

NeilMed Nasaflo Porcelain Neti Pot, 50 count

The only deficit with this product is that the handle is hollow and thus susceptible to any mold or bacterial gowth.

Navage Nasal Irrigation Starter Bundle, Navage nose cleaner Review

The only thing you do to get relief from allergens and blocked nose, is to pop the solution in to a salt pod and flush out your worries !

This is an ultimate product, when you want to combine efficacy of a powered suction with the in to a neti pot.

This will flush out all the allergens,mucous dust and germs and relieve you from the menace of nasal allergies and blocks.

Navage Nasal Irrigation Starter Bundle, Navage nose cleaner

The bundle includes Nose cleaner with 18 salt pods in nose cleaner, counter top caddy, standard nose pillows and  batteries (If you wish to purchase additionally)

For reliability and compatibility, safety, convenience use navage nose cleaner with genuine salt pods provided by this brand only.

This product comes with power suction. You may be new to this type of powered suction. But, this is very simple to use and you need not worry about the mechanism.

All you need to do is:

Directions to use Navage Neti pot

  1. Fill upper tank with water to Fill Line.
  2. See Owner’s Manual for important information about what kind of water to use and place new Salt Pod in crushing chamber foil-side down
  3. Close lid until it clicks shut. Do not reopen.
  4. Now Center nose pillows in nostrils and push power button in all the way.
  5. A cycle can usually  last 10 to 60 seconds depending on personal anatomy and congestion.
  6. When finished, tilt head forward and gently blow nose to remove any residual saline.
  7. Finally twist off bottom tank and empty it. The advantages of this salt pod are its pre-measured ,so you need have to worry about measuring and spills.
  8. Terminate use if no saline appears in the lower tank after 60 seconds.

For instructions to use this product, refer to the manual where graphical representation is superbly given.


The product is not intended for children under the age of 12.Do not use the product if you had an ear or nose surgery in the past 6 months.If you experience pain during use ,stop immediately.If you have totally blocked nose,do not use as this may put counter pressure in the ear and he risk of solution in the ear.Although Ear popping fullness is rare.

The product should not be used continuously more than 5 minutes.And if you have persistently thick green or yellow mucous.

Frequently Asked Questions about Neti Pot

How to use a neti pot with a stuffy nose?

You need to stand near a shower and sink. Tilt your head to one side .The raised part is upper nostril.

Lower the neti pot nose in to the upper nostril and allow the solution to drain in to the upper nostril until it comes out from the lower nostril.

Are you still congested after neti pot?

You need to repeat the procedure for for few more times, preferably 2-3 times more. If problem still exist, Consult your doctor.

What should I do if neti pot water stuck in sinuses?

Gently blow the nostrils with intermittent gaps. Do not blow with a strong force ,as it can damage the inner ear and lead to ear infections.

Can I use neti pot for sinus infection?

Yes of course. Neti pot relieves you from the inflammation and reduces infection by de-blocking nasal passages and thinning mucous.

How to use a neti pot correctly?

Always tilt your head and lean forwards at an angle of 45 degrees at the sink. Never leave gaps in the nostril,complete seal the upper nostril.

Neti Pot Position

How to use a neti pot with a stuffy nose? How to use if its too congested for neti pot?

Always make sure the nostril is on top position with your head leaning forwards. You need to wait and make several attempts. You may take an anti inflammatory medicine as per your doctors advice.

My neti pot won’t drain out other nostril?

Make sure the nostril is on top and lean forward and make complete seal .Wait for few seconds and repeat  the procedure for 3-4 times, You may take an anti inflammatory medicine as per your doctors advice.

Try after 60 minutes of taking medication

What to do if the neti pot water coming out of mouth?

Correctly position the nostril and lean forward and close the throat by strating to make “K” sound and holding it.

What to do if neti pot leads to burning sensation?

It may be due to excess salts, so dilute it with 1 ounce of  distilled water again or consult your doctor.

What to do if you are uncomfortable with the neti pot?

Discontinue your use of neti pot and visit your doctor.

What to do when using the neti pot sinus pressure gets worse?

Discontinue use and visit your family doctor.

Can I used tap water in my neti pot?

It is strongly advised not to use  Tap water. If at all it is to be used, it is mandatory to boil it for 3- 5 minutes and also use filters of grade NSF 53, NSF 58 filters which corresponds to cyst removal or cyst reduction in water

Only distilled water or boil water for 3-5 minutes and allow it to cool and use immediately.

Do you have to use salt in a neti pot?

Yes of course.But do remember the right amount of composition

what kind of salt should be used for neti pot?

The best purified. Non Iodized salt.

Can you use regular table salt in a neti pot?

You can use your regular table salt in preparing for a solution for a neti pot. However it must be preservative free.

You can use regular salt with neti pot provided that the water must be lukewarm or distilled and appropriate composition must be achieved for the same.

what comes out when you use a neti pot?

Neti pot thins your mucous plugs that clog and block your nostril. So you would get nasal secretions from the other nostril along with neti pot solution.

Can neti pot spread infection?

If you share your neti pot with others. Otherwise the answer is a “No”.

On the contrary it relieves from the effects of infection and reduces it.

Important Neti pot instructions

  • Always follow the instruction manual.
  • Always clean and dry the neti pot after use.
  • Never share your neti pot.

I used neti pot but nothing came out with neti pot?

Please do wait for few minutes and then try again. You may have your both nostrils blocked. Use of anti inflammatory medicines is suggested for early decongestion effect. If it  still persists, then visit your doctor.

Do you get sneezing attack after neti pot?

This is not so common. However if you do get sneezing attack, it is advised to use any anti inflammatory medicines like Levo Cetrizine or take doctors advice.

Can you find a disposable neti pot?

As the neti pot can be regularly used on a daily basis, at a frequency of 3 times per week. We do not find disposable neti pots being sold in large scales, as its a product if regular utility.

How to clean ceramic neti pot?

Some neti pots of ceramic make can be microwaved for few minutes and some of plastic make should be cleaned with soap water only.

What should be the neti pot water temperature?

The temperature of netipot water must be luke warm. It should never be hot or too hot as it can cause burns.

Does neti pot use result in inflammation?

Neti pot will not aggravate or cause inflammation in your body.

Can I use neti pot before bed?

Yes it is recommended to use neti pit before bed as it relieves you from the nasal block and this relieves you from it aiding in sleep.

Can I use Himalayan salt for neti pot?

Definitely you can use Himalayan salt for netipot as it does not harm you in  anyway.

Does using neti pot feels you  like drowning?

If you are feeling a drowning sensation, please decrease the flow or use after few minutes.

Is it safe to use neti pot during pregnancy?

Yes its safe to use neti pot during pregnacy ,provided that the material from which it is made is free from toxins,lead or BPA

Can you clean neti pot with alcohol?

Yes you clean neti pot rubbing it with alcohol, but it must be let dry

Does using neti pot cause pain in forehead?

Usually neti pot usage will not cause pain in forehead and if it does severely discontinue the use and take doctors advice.

Has anyone ever died from using a neti pot?

Rarely death can occur if you use contaminated tap water as solution.

There are two reports of  persons dying from neti pot from an amoebic infection as in 2011.

FDA issued a warning that the deadly Naegleria fowleri – better known as the “brain-eating” amoeba can endanger your life, if you use tap water or any contaminated water. However, as per FDA that when used and cleaned properly, neti pots are usually safe and effective.

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