Furbo vs Pawbo vs Petcube vs Petzi vs Petchatz – Remote Dog Camera and Treat Dispenser Reviews

Furbo vs Pawbo vs Petcube vs Petzi vs Petchatz  – Remote Dog Camera and Treat Dispenser Reviews
Remote Dog Camera and Treat Dispenser Reviews

Now distance cannot separate your favourite pet dog from you. From now onwards there will be no worries about How, Where Your favourite pet dog is present.
You will be hearing that honey voice from anywhere and everywhere.
There have been so many technological advances in the last few years that it can be hard to keep up.
One of these products is a remote dog camera. It works a lot like a nanny cam but has many features to keep you and your pet entertained while you are away from them.
Here is a look at some of the best dog camera and treat dispenser products on the market, and details on how they can help you keep an eye on your furry friends.

Reasons to Buy

You may find yourself wondering why people would even buy something like this. The answer is that it is not only a pet surveillance gadget but also a fun gadget to use.Besides there are many reasons why it can change your life. Here’s a look at a few.

It allows you to keep an eye on your pet. Many options feature a hi-resolution camera, so that you can get a clear picture of your pet at any time of the day. Some even have night vision, so you are able to see them at all times, if you want.

You can see what is going on in your house. Besides just being able to spot your dog, it will show you if someone enters your home. This can help you keep an eye on someone like a repair person or babysitter, and view how they are behaving in your house.

They can help dogs with separation anxiety or health problems. One of the best ways to utilize this product is using it to talk to your animals when you can’t be with them.

Many dogs get separation anxiety when their owners leave, because multiple breeds think of their family as their pack. Some models have built-in speakers, so that you can communicate with your canine friend, and they won’t even know that you are away from them.

If you need to keep an eye on a sick dog, you can do this too by checking on them remotely. This will help you know if you need to rush home or if you will find a mess after work.

Other models will tell you when your pup comes near the machine and record what they do. This gives you cute views of your pet, which you can show your friends or look at when you’re feeling down.

Now distance will never be the obstacle when you want to reward your dog.The loving part of these gadgets are that these products also lets you give treats to your dog. You can control the dispenser remotely, so it gives them treats as many as you say. This rewards the do g for being good, even when you aren’t there in person to reward them.

You can now relax. Some people get upset when they have to leave their animals just like they do,when you leave to your work. Not only can you use this to keep an eye on them, but it can help you relax knowing they are safe and not missing you too much.

Furbo Dog Camera Review

This machine offers you a lot of features for the price. Like other options out there it is able to dispense treats and has an app for you to download. You can use the app on Android or iOS devices and the canister can hold around 100 small treats for your dog.

Furbo Dog Camera

A really cool thing about this product is that it has 2-way chat with your dog. This means you can hear them barking or making noise, and you can send them audio too. Essentially this translates into you talking to them, which is something they will likely appreciate.

With a Furbo Premium Account, Pet owners can save video footage of their pet and take selfies

It tells you when your dog is looking at the camera and sends you alerts of this. It will also take dog selfies when this happens. This is a really cute aspect, and is likely designed to make owning the product even more fun. It comes with wide angle camera lens, so it’s able to see a lot of the room at one time.

Direct link to buy:

Furbo Dog Camera: Treat Tossing, Full HD Wifi Pet Camera and 2-Way Audio, Designed for Dogs, Compatible with Alexa (As Seen On Ellen)

How to setup Furbo Dog Camera Review

The setup is easy and won’t take a lot of time. You just plug it in, download the Furbo app that helps you control it, and connect it with your Wi-Fi at home. After this, you will be ready to use it.


This gorgeous device has an attractive design with concave design with a bamboo cover on the top which is spill-proof. This is to hold up to roughhousing in case your dog tries to paw it and gnaw it open. It has actually been tested to hold up well, so your puppy shouldn’t be able to ruin it, even if they try. Moreover the height of this device is just under nine inches.

Simple Setup. Just plug it and wait for status lights and follow furbo instructions. As per instructions, Yellow means device is  on standby; blue means that it’s in use; and purple means that the Wi-Fi connection has dropped out.  

You can use many different types of treats. There are so many kinds of treats that you can put in this one. The company gives you a list of ones they recommend which you can buy from their amazon recommended list. Not only recommended,  You can also fit  so many other treats in here, so that it should be fun to see how many types of treats your dog likes that you can try.

We can record our own voice. We can use our recorded own voice as snack caller.

Different resolutions of video. You can set the video resolution at either 360p, 720p, or 1080p. The 1080p resolution was remarkably clear.

Can you monitor your pet at night?

The camera includes night vision. You have the ability to see what’s going on, even at night. This helps you if you work nights or are putting in late hours. You still won’t have to worry about pooch, since you can check on them.

Many veterinarians and professionals recommend this product. Thousands of vets and professional trainers recommend using this product. This is probably because it works so well for both human and dog, and has many functions. It will undoubtedly be fun for you to use and fun for your pet as well.


The treat size is better suited for smaller dogs. Although this machine can be used for any sized dog, the treats it contains must be small in order to fit. For this reason, it may be better for small to medium dogs. Of course, you can simply choose to give your large dog more treats to fix this.

Only small treats. Furbo does recommend that the treats be under 0.4 inches in diameter, and the app links directly to suggested treats on Amazon.

This product might suffer from connectivity problems. Some users of this product were unable to connect to the machine from their smartphones. This may be a problem with your home internet or you may not have tested it before you tried to use it away from home. So always place this device in a spot where there is strong Wi-Fi signal.

It has to be plugged in always. No battery support

The capacity of treat reservoir is small. Only half cup capacity. So this auto feed works for only small pets.

Furbo Dog Camera Coupon Codes / Discount Codes: Use FURBOHONEY $15 off.

For help, Setup and Troubleshooting of Device or app issues you can contact on their website @ https://help.furbo.com/hc/en-us or contact support phone number.

If you have any idea how to connect Furbo app to computer ( Furbo app for computer ) , Please share in comments. 

Pawbo Life Wi-Fi Pet Camera Review

This machine is a little smaller than others are. It has a live video stream and you can record whatever you want, right onto your phone when you watch it.

There is a microphone, speaker, and the camera has a zooming aspect, so you can get close up shots to see exactly what is going on.

The product itself looks like a regular Wi-Fi cam, so it would be hard for anyone to guess that it was being used for something else, unless you told them.

Pawbo wi-fi pet camera


This item also has a laser for your pet to play with. There is a laser pointer that is integrated into this one. That makes it great for dogs, as well as cats. You can control the laser remotely, so you can actually play with your pet from wherever you are. It may be especially entertaining if your furry friends love to chase laser pointers.

It is easy to share pictures with social media friends. Since you can record whatever you want and take pictures with this product, it is great for social media posts. You can easily share any material you have from it on a number of social media sites, including Instagram and Facebook. This helps you show everyone what is going on with your cool pets.

Howmany people can watch from this cam?

Eight people can watch the stream at the same time. In case the whole family wants to watch the dog or cat, eight people can watch this at once. This means that all family members can be logged in at the same time. It can be a real blessing if a dog is expected to go into labor or something like that and no one wants to miss it. You definitely will not have to if you own this.

You can purchase additional accessories for it. You can purchase other items separately from this company that work with it. Some of these accessories are designed to add extra features, so that’s something to keep in mind if you are interested in making this option relevant for a long time.

Best Products for your pets from Pawbo


The camera doesn’t pan or move. One downside is that the camera doesn’t move on this one. That means you will have to get it in the right angle in the first place, to ensure that you can see where your pet will actually be.

The model is easy to push over for pets. The device is so small that you don’t really want to place it where it can get beat up or knocked over. Some people have actually made enclosures for their Pawbos, so they are safe and locked up tight.

Petcube Bites Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser Review

If you are looking for an option that is on the high-end spectrum, this one may be right for you. It has detection when it comes to motion as well as sound. It will alert you if it sees or hears something, which can be a great thing in an emergency.

Other features that set this one apart are that the company has an exclusive membership option so you can take advantage of even more special features, and can watch continuous video of what is happening at your house.

The treat dispenser aspect is a little fancy on this one too. You can set the times when it should give the treats, and even choose from different distances that they should be thrown. This is something that is really cool and unique.

Petcubes Bites Camera


The Petcube comes in different colors. It comes in black, silver, and gold. In other words, it can fit right into whatever décor is in your house. The item looks very fancy and may start to be a conversation piece if your friends see it.

It has a modern look. The modern look of it may make you feel like you have a product that is fancier than others out there. It looks like it could be an air ionizer or something like that instead of a camera.

This one works with Alexa. If you have an Alexa device, you can reorder treats using it. It should know what you want when you download the Petcube skill. If you are familiar with these skills and how to use them, it can fit right into your routine.

It comes with video recording that saves to cloud. This one records onto cloud, so it isn’t making your phone download huge amounts of data. Of course, you will likely have to pay for a membership to be able to use this cloud saving and all of its features.


The app is slow for some people. Even though the app is free and allows you to take advantage of the best features offered, it can be a little slow for some people. Many experienced a delay at times, with everything from the treats being dispensed to the camera feed.

There is really no way to tell when this will happen or if it will happen to you, but it’s something to be aware of.

Petzi Treat Cam Review

This machine has a simple design that doesn’t act like something it’s not. It is especially for dogs and is proud of that fact.

The square machine is great for talking to your dog and taking pictures of them. To prove this, Petzi has a special social media site where you are encouraged to share the pictures this one takes, for all the dog lovers out there.

The idea of this product is that they want pet ownership to be even more fun than it was before you had this machine, and for it to fit right in with your life.


The Camera quality is very good. There are no specific numbers listed when it tells you about the camera on this one. However, people that own it don’t complain and report that the pictures and videos are clear, so it isn’t really an issue. It doesn’t have the best camera out of the bunch, but it is still clear.

The company has great customer support. Every now and then you buy a product and it has a defect that you weren’t expecting. Petzi is great at customer support and service, so if this happens to you, there is nothing to fear. They will be able to walk you through fixing your device or send you a replacement.

You can mount it on the wall. You can easily place this one on a wall, so it’s perfect for dogs of multiple sizes. You won’t have to worry about them knocking it down or trying to destroy it. Make sure you take some time to get it at the right height for optimum picture taking and treat throwing, so you aren’t wasting your time.

You can take still pictures. You can take stills with this gadget as well. This will bring a smile to your face and you can catch your dog in candid poses. Sometimes dogs don’t like to sit still to have their pictures taken, so this can be a real treat for the owner.


The treat dispenser may jam. There aren’t a lot of problems with this device, other than the fact that the dispenser may jam. This might be due to not using the right kind of treats or something else. Make sure the keep the dispenser clean and use the right size treats for best results.

PetChatz HD: Two-Way Premium Audio/HD Video pet Treat Camera Review

One of the important features of Petchatz is your pet can call you using pawcall button whenever your pet feels lonely or wants to talk to you.
This revolutionary gadget is not cheap compared to other gadgets. But when compares with features of other gadgets. I can say this is the best gadget for you and your lovely pet.

Lets dig into features of petchatz HD pet camera and How does petchatz work?

This revolutionary pet camera and treat dispenser

pet-to-parent messaging (with PawCall): the few minutes of training, your pet can call you using Revolutionary Pawcall button. You can answer if you want to talk. There is one more feature which user can schedule the calls on App. At that time, the button illuminates and notifies the pet its time to chat. Pet Owner receives a notification if your pet touches the button.

HD camera video: You can record videos with a resolution of 1280 pixels x 720 pixels, 30fps and works in low light conditions. This camera uses lowlight high definition camera, so you need not worry when you want to chat with your pet during the night or low light conditions.
Most of the users who bought from Amazon are happy with the quality of the camera.

Game Mode Option: There is a blinking button on this gadget. when the device is set in game mode, the pet gets treats every time the blinking button pressed.
and one more, The PawCall gadget has a third function called the Home Alone Enrichment function. This mode uses touch puzzles and other games to relax and entertain the pet.

Calming aromatherapy: Petchatz dispenses soothing scents to help ease your pet’s anxiety and loneliness while you’re away.

Pet-safe design: This gadget doesn’t have any sharp edges or cords and made in the USA, not in China. You can see in the picture above, the gadget is having round edges no sharp corners, can be fixed to your wall and can be mounted to any surface to ensure security and safety. If you don’t have any power outlet to use, you can mount this get on PetZi Stand sold by the same Petzi company or install on a kennel door.

The 3 x 4-inch Pawcall button is chew resistant, made up of durable material and has an adhesive on its back. It can be fixed on the floor or on a wall.

Screen size: The screen size 2.0 (H) X 2.75 (W)

premier US Based PetChatz Customer Care : If you any questions, You can contact their customer care. Their premium care is ready to help you on call.

DogTv Offer:
DOGTV provides television for dogs as a 24/7 digital TV channel with dog-friendly programing scientifically developed to provide the right company for dogs when left alone. Petchatz is giving 2 months free DOgTV subscription.

What is PetChatz Digital Daycare System?


This gadget is not Water Proof. Designed for indoor Use. For optimal operation, Petchatz recommend use in ambient temperatures between 40 to 80F and 0-60% non-condensing Relative Humidity.

Comparing to other gadget this gadget is pricey. If you want to buy for less price you can go for refurbished or old/used petchatz gadgets.

At the time of writing this review, amazon is providing 80$ extra saving coupon on this gadget.

Tips Before Using

There are a few things you should be aware of before you use one of these products. Keep these things in mind when you purchase one, so that you don’t have some of the common problems that some owners have experienced.

Place in the best area you can. Since not all gadgets have the same quality of camera, it is best if you place it in a room that you know your dog will go into. For example, if you are aware that your dog has a favourite spot where they take naps, you may want to place it in that room. If you can mount the camera, do it high enough that your pet can’t knock it down, but not so high that the treats are hard to get to when they come out.

This is a good way to ensure that you get the best view of the room as well, so take care to do some trial and error to see where you like your machine the best before making it permanent.

In some cases, you can’t mount them without buying extra hardware. If this is the case, you should put it on a high table or shelf that meets the same criteria.

Show your pet how it works before leaving them alone with it. A good rule of thumb is to show your pet how the product works before leaving them by themselves. Of course, this does not really refer to the camera part, but specifically for the treat dispenser aspect.

This is important so that they aren’t scared when the sound goes off and you are not there. They will know what the sound means and what to expect.

Make sure you are comfortable with the features before using away from home. Another thing that is helpful is to get used to the features before you go to work or leave your house. This can keep you from thinking it doesn’t work properly or allow you to troubleshoot any minor issues that come up.

By the time you really have to be away from your pet, you’ll know exactly how to use the features and be familiar with all the ins and outs of the product.

Be sure the treats you have fit the dispenser. Some items come with a trial bag of treats but others don’t. If they do, you may want to keep buying the type that the manufacturer recommends.

However, there’s a chance your pet likes something better or you have something else on hand. Be sure that the kind your companion likes fits into the dispenser and do not get stuck. One common problem in many machines is that there is sticking in the dispenser at times, so you should avoid this in any way you can.

Make sure the camera and your phone are fully charged. Another problem you can run into is a connectivity problem. This might be due to your phone, your home internet, or something else, but you need to be sure before you blame the item.

One way to ensure this is to check that both parts are charged and working properly. That way they will be able to connect efficiently at all times.


Each of the products listed above are great buys. However, there is one that stands out, which is the Furbo Dog Camera. It has 2-way audio, takes video and stills, and has a relatively unbreakable design. Moreover, it can hold around 100 treats, which is a lot. You won’t have to keep changing the treats out, and you will know exactly what’s going on, since there is a clear camera that can be seen, even at night.

The Petcube is great as well, but there is the matter of the membership that makes it questionable for some. Not everyone wants to have to pay a subscription to be able to use all the features a product has. Of course, it has many features to take advantage of without paying extra. Additionally, it has the coolest design and looks fancy.

The Petzi is good for people that aren’t that into technology, since it has the fewest frills. It still has top of the line features, but they aren’t hard to figure out how to use.

Finally, the Pawbo is recommended for cats or dogs, mainly because there is a laser pointer toy that comes with it. This can lead to hours of fun for your pet.

No matter which one you choose to buy, be mindful of the tips laid out above. You can keep an eye on your little fur babies and never have to feel like you are missing them again. This is a great reason to invest in one of these, and your pet will probably be happier for it.

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