Olee Sleep Mattress Review

Olee Sleep Mattress Review

Finding a perfectly designed and a good mattress that suits to your needs is a daunting task these days,especially when you find numerous brands.

And if you are looking for the best mattress that fits and suits well to your needs and  comfort  then Olee sleep mattress  offers you the best features you can count upon.

How to select a good mattress :

It is a Herculean task sometimes, as you have to consider numerous factors mentioned below.

A good mattress should be having these qualities :

  • Quality
  •  Durabilty
  • Made with latest design and technology
  • Eco friendly
  • Budget friendly
  • Product variability

In this world of mattresses, making a good choice is crucial to your needs and comfort. There are numerous features available in the mattresses today.

Conventional Mattress :

Conventional mattresses are filled with synthetic materials. For example, most mattresses contain polyurethane foam. Polyurethane foam constantly breaks down and releases chemicals, which is called off-gassing. Polyurethane foam is made from chemicals that are known carcinogens.

Some Conventional mattresses are made of Coir or Sponge or foam or spring coils.


Mattress tend to shrink in size and density and tend to whither away in short period of time. In the long run , shrunken mattress leads to back pain.

Foam Mattress:

This comprises of varied strength foam which has good durability but contributes to rise in body temperature.

Gel Mattress:

It comprises of gel in the uppermost layers which has cooling effect.

Hybrid Mattress:

It is a mixture of (High,Medium and low ) variable  strength foam and gel  in specific layers. This gives it the extra durability and strength which resists shrinkage in density.

How Much Science is Involved in Making A Good Mattress:

A good mattress should incorporate the best and latest scientific designs to suit to the wide variety of body weights ,Needs and conditions.

Olee has utilized the modern marvels of variable foam and its impeccable placing with its  utmost optimal and quality layering gives you the best comfort you can avail.

How Much Quality is Involved In Making a Good Mattress :

A good mattress should adhere to the best quality  standards and should be utmost durable resisting the daily wear and tear forces and other physical parameters.

For such enhanced durability, using a quality foam is indispensable .

Next lies the sophistication of placing the right memory foam at layered intervals specifically to impart strength, flexibility and comfort and also for an enhanced durability.

The bottom part comprises of high density foam that takes good amount of body weight.

When you sleep on Olee sleep mattress its like a sleep on your mother’s lap. Caring, Comfortable and secure.

Why Olee Mattress?

Olee sleep mattress are designed with perfection, and that impeccability has a positive bearing on your spine and your body as a whole.

Your body not only needs just, care and comfort ,but a technically sound designed mattress failing which may result in body pain and back pain. This is where Olee mattress fits in.

Eco Innovation:

Dura Bio Foam : Eco Friendly foam that minimizes VOC emissions. Environmentally friendly foam that minimizes petroleum based production by utilizing all natural plant based material. 

Recycled Steel : Utilization of recycled steel for Olee foundations 

Smart Packaging : Minimize use of packaging materials for cost effective and convenient delivery

Foam Innovation:

Air Memory Foam : Excellent breathability and resilience than other memory foam 

Dura Foam Technology : A perfect combination of the resilient latex and the shock absorbing viscoelastic support 

I-Gel : Hybrid foam that combines memory foam & gel 

DURAFLEX Foam : A perfect combination of the Resilient latex and the shock absorbing viscoelastic support without the allergic reaction

Dural Coil : Individually encased pocket springs minimize noise and motion transfer while providing even support for pressure relief and good night’s sleep 

Dura Metal : Light weight mattress foundation with easy setup

Compressed Packing : Ships in a small box without damaging the mattress 

Fabric Innovation:

Luxury Knit : Premium triple layer fabric with modern design

Tencel Fabric : Eco friendly Fabric that whisks moisture

Organic Cotton : OE 100 certified organic

OE 100 : The OE 100 handles and utilizes 100% certified organic cotton fiber in yarns, fabrics, and finished goods through the use of transaction certificates.

Safety Innovation:

Eco Green Tea : Order prevention through catching foundation in green tea

Fresh Charcoal : Prevents odor and moisture

CFR 1633 Fire Barrier : U.S. Government certified fire safety standard

CFR 1633 : The standard is used to evaluate the fire progression and energy output in a mattress set when subjected to an ignition source approximate to burning bed clothes.

Comfort Innovation :

Pressure Relief System : Ergonomically designed to provide even weight that prevents pressure point for the best comfort

Airflow : Open cell design for better ventilation

Tests and Paramters for a Good Mattress:

Motion Isolation Tests:

The mattress does not sink sideways beyond 2 inches. This enables perfect alignment to your body curvature which does not sink your partner as you move around.

Edge support

Another important factor where you perfect support is needed to enable good comfort

Olee gives a good edge support

Safety :

Certifications like the CertiPUR -US Certification are better to choose. Olee has  CertiPUR -US Certifications in certain models.

Indentation Load Deflection :

ILD is a measure of firmness of a mattress. The more ILD it has the more firmer the mattress becomes. A good mattress should balance ILD and comfortability too. Olee ensures best ILD and also combines comfort too by placing.


You would never want a bad or an obnoxious smelling mattress. A good  manufacturer must ensure that the mattress must not carry strong odour.

Inflation Time :

For gel mattresses, an Inflation time is an important factor. Most gel mattresses take between 2 to 3 days for Inflation. Few brand  mattresses may take less time between hours to 1 to 2 days. Normal expansion is about 9 inches.

Olee has scored a goal here too.

With Olee you need not wait for 2 to 3 days.The inflation time is few hours, but its recommended to to use after 24 hours for optimal effects.

Pain Relief:

Back is one of the most common problem these day and the worst you can bear. A mattress designed to give the best relief from back pain is a panacea.

Experience both comfort and perfect design to soothe your back. Always choose a mattress that does not sink or sag  much, which worsens your backache. Generally a high density base layer is good for relief from the back pain.

Olee addresses the problems in buying a mattresses in the following parameters.

  • Quality and Durability

Olee sleep mattress is made from high quality gel memory foam and ILD foam, soft  foam, heat treated inner spring coils (In case of Hybrid mattress) material. All the materials used are durable and Eco-friendly.

Does Olee gel infused foam mattress smell bad  ?

When compared to other existing mattress Olee mattresses do not smell much.

  • Price

All Olee sleep mattresses are at budget friendly price and hence affordable to the most users.

  • Range :

Olee 7 Inch, 12 Inch , 13 Inch soft gel infused memory foam mattress. Olee 13 inch gel infused Hybrid soft foam mattress.

  • Material and Layers

Olee products are made from Eco-friendly material that ensures breath-ability and also temperature control in them.

Top most layer :

It is made up of 1 Inch gel memory foam infused with I gel which ensures maximum cooling effect.

Mid layer :

This has 3.5 inch 8 ILD soft memory foam that supports your body weight and also aligns your body curvature.

ILD is known as Indentation Load Deflection ,which is measure of firmness of a mattress.This means the more ILD the more firm a mattress can be.The high ILD makes it more durable ,but the comfort level declines as it becomes more firm.

Bottom Layer :

7 Inch High density foam layer for strong supportive base,designed to sustain weight of two persons.

Failure of this layer leads to onset of sinking.

Olee Sleep 12 Inch I Gel Top Tencel Memory Foam Mattress:

Topmost Layer: 1 inch gel memory foam combined with I gel to provide maximum cooling effect

Mid Layers: 3.5 inch 8 ILD soft memory foam, supports body weight and aligns to body curvature

1 inch 25 ILD high density foam: This is intermediary, neither too firm nor too soft. Holds the top layer from further sinking into the bottom I gel infused layer

Base Layer:

6.5 inch high density memory foam:

This high density foam is the supportive base layer. It is designed to absorb maximum weight from above layers without sinking or sagging.

1 Inch Gel Memory Foam Layer

Memory foam has a property to absorb heat from your body.

But where does that heat go?

The body heat must be dissipate to keep your self cool, Olee is designed to dissipate the heat uniformly,wherein the infused I gel keeps the mattress cool

The design is crucial for this to happen and hence the cell construction of a memory foam layer loosens up when cool gel is infused.

This allows proper air flow and ventilation and makes top layer more breathable.

1 inch 8 ILD & 1 inch 25 ILD layers

The 1 inch ILD memory foam layer is on the softer side and comfortably acts as an additional cushion like feeling to the top gel layer.

The 25 inch ILD memory foam layer is on the firmer side.

It resists body weight from hitting the hard surface of the bottom 7 inch high density foam.

A deep insight in to this layered construction,you will find that the level of firmness has kept increasing as the layer structure comes down.

The topmost layer is gel infused and very comfy, the second 1 inch 8 ILD layer is soft followed by 25 ILD layer which is firm.

On the whole, the top layers are resisting pressure from directly hitting the bottom high density layer and in the process providing the optimal amount of sink required for you to enjoy a comfortable sleep.

7 Inch High Density Foam Layer

Like in every other conventional memory foam mattress, the bottom layer is high in density and acts as a supportive base

It resists weight and pressure and does not sink further and is designed to sustain weights of at least two persons.

If this layer fails, then the mattress starts sinking and develops deep indents.

Hence, the bottom layer is usually more than 6 inches in thickness and is made from high density foam.

Comfort – Olee Mattress Reviews

As per one review, a user suffering from shoulder injury had absolutely loved her new Olee mattress.

Since the time of purchase she never had to wake up to the horrible pain which she experienced while sleeping on her previous mattress. Thanks to the right level of sink of the top layers and perfect base level support from the high density bottom layer of the 10 inch 3 layer Olee mattress.

How Olee is different ?

Olee has over come this problem of increased ILD by precisely added two memory foam layers between soft foam layer and bottom support layer

A 1 inch ILD foam layer on softer side is laid to give cushioning effect and 25 inch ILD foam layer is added on the firmer side resisting hard forces.

What types of mattressess Olee sleep mattress offers you

Olee sleep matresses come in different forms to suit to your needs. Olee gel memory foam topper is available in 4 inches size  and Olee gel mattresses are also available in different sizes.

  • Olee Sleep 6 inch Ventilated Multi Layered Memory Foam Mattress
  • Olee Sleep 8 Inch Ventilated Convolution Memory Foam Mattress
  • Olee Sleep 9 Inch I-gel Multi Layered Memory Foam Mattress
  • Olee Sleep 10 Inch I Gel Layer Top Memory Foam Mattress
  • Olee Sleep 12 Inch I Gel Top Tencel Memory Foam Mattress
  • Olee Sleep 13 Inch Box Top Hybrid Gel Innerspring Mattress

You can chose between a variety of 5 different sizes –

Twin, Full, Queen, King and California King.

What size fits you :

Sizes up to 10 inches -Fits kids/teens

Size 10 inches –Fits kids/teens/Adults

Sizes above 10 inches –Fits Adults of built on heavier side

Olee 10 or 12 Inch Gel Memory Foam mattress is the most budget friendly mattress

Back pain and your Mattress :

Your wrong choice of mattress too can lead in to a back pain or aggravate it. However we have the best ones designed to take your back strain to relieving mode as these Olee mattresses are multi-layered with high density foam and high quality gel make.

Olee 13 Inch Hybrid mattress is most suited for this category of persons with backand neck pain and above average built.

Tests for a good mattress:

Most importantly Mattress should be durable and yet comfortable.

Motion Isolation tests:

A good mattress should not sink beyond 2 inches. Your Olee ensures that mattress does not sink beyond 2 Inches

Inflation Time:

Conventional gel mattress may need 2 days time to inflate to its maximum height,where as in this mattress you need not wait for more than few hours.

However it is recommended to wait for a day to get its optimal effects.

Olee Sleep 13 inch Galaxy Hybrid Mattress:

Its 5 layered Hybrid mattress comprising of a polyester jacquard covering and fiber padding.

The sequence of layers is as follows :

Fiber padding -2 Inch layer with polyester jacquard cover that absorbs moisture off the top surface. Beneath lies the much needed ventilated conjugnated fiber padding which enables enhanced airflow ..Dura HD Foam

Dura I Gel Foam- 1.5 Inch memory foam Conforms to body contour and pressure points of the the body

Dura HD Foam-Gel layer which is infused of I gel which gives superior cooling surface

2 Inch HD Foam – In regular mattress ,it is less than 5 Inches.However, in Olee its sized at 2 Inches and followed by the spring coils at bottom most part.

This layer acts as intermediate cushioning part to the upper Gel layer and the lower Spring coils.

As it is a HD Visco-elastic foam you will not feel the inner spring coils.

Dura Spring Coils – It is comprises of a 7.5 inch Heat treated tempered steel coil springs that is best suited for an above average weight persons.

Generally, a mildest issue of noise and imbalanced transfer is common in this layer. However Olee has innovated a design that gives a solution to this problem,by carefully encasing individual coils and making them independent. Thus Isolation of spring coil motion is achieved.


Limited 10 years.

Conclusion :

Your choice of Olee is a boon for an everlasting comfort that cannot be assured by any other brand mattress. Make yourself as comfortable and feather light by resting on this Olee brand mattress.

Leave all the cumbersome problem of choosing mattresses and avoid jumping on to the wrong mattress.

Take Rest and all the comfort .

Relieve yourselves from all the pains and choose this highest quality and yet best and budget friendly priced ones and make yourself relaxed at the optimal levels