Ayurvedic Medicine For Tummy Reduction

Ayurvedic Medicine For Tummy Reduction
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The worst things about obesity are that it portrays you as an Obelix. Obesity also has a definite impact on health and psychological well being. You lose all the confidence and it takes from you all the good looks that you had it before.

The worst part that looks in an obese person is the tummy. For tummy reduction, you might have tried many methods, which ranges from physical workouts to certain allopathic medicines. The last resort being liposuction and other bariatric surgeries that do involve benefits and also high risks too.

The best natural remedy one can ever have is the Ayurvedic treatment, to reduce tummy fat and overall obesity.

What happens in obesity ?

Billions of people suffer from obesity of varying degree and it is attributed to Sedentary lifestyles, Lack of Exercise , Change in Food habits ,High cholesterol or Lipid  diet, Hormonal imbalance etc which all contribute to the adipose cells or fat cells number and size thereby leading to adipose tissue density and consequently fat deposition leading to rising size of tummy, chest, breast, hip, thighs, buttocks.

Men appear as “Apple-shaped” as the fat tends to be deposit at chest, Abdomen and Buttocks.

Women appear as “Pear Shaped”  as the fat tends to be deposit at Breast, Hips and Waist.

In obesity we find two types of cells .

Hyperplastic cells  – wherein fat cells numbers only increase, which is seen severely obese persons.

Hypertrophic cells –wherein the fat cell size increases, which is seen moderately obese persons.

The only and the best alternative, natural way of tummy reduction is the Ayurvedic treatment which naturally reduces your tummy to a bare minimum. Ayurvedic is the most ancient way treatment of all ailments and conditions in a natural way. It originated from India since times immemorial. Ayurveda is the most beneficial natural science, employed in any treatment as it does not have any side effects. Ayurvedic treatment for tummy reduction is the trend nowadays. Ayurvedic formulations like oils, medicines are naturally made from herbs.

Ayurveda gives primary importance to the elements of Water, Air, Fire, Ether and it works on the three doshas or imbalances of them manifested as Kapha dosha, Vata dosha, Pitta Dosha.

According to Ayurveda, it is an established fact, it is the Kapha dosha that mostly causes Obesity.

Are there any Ayurvedic oils to reduce tummy ?

Ayurveda is known for herbal medicines in many forms like tonic or kashayam, tablets or gulika, oils, lehyam or churnams.

Ayurvedic oils like Lavana Ayurveda burns even the most stubborn fat. First gently massage and increase the speed  of massage over the belly and other intended high fat deposited areas. This friction burns fat and the lymphatic drainage also reduces water drainage.

The other oils include both the essential and carrier oils, a combo of which is beneficial in burning fat over the tummy and overall in the body.

The essential oils include Sage, Ginger oil, Cinnamon, Lemon, Peppermint, Fennel, Grapefruit and sweet orange oils.

The carrier oils aid in transduction of the essential oils through the skin and these include the most common Coconut oil, Jojoba oil, Almond oil, Avacado oil.

Most women tend to have a doubt whether the ayurvedic medicines to reduce tummy after delivery. It is a known fact that ayurvedic medicines can reduce tummy after pregnancy. It is considered as a pregnant safe, provided the right ayurvedic drug is taken. It is advised to carefully read the instructions, before any intake of ayurvedic medicines intended pregnant women, as some may be harmful to the women taking it after delivery.

How Ayurvedic massage works for reduction of belly fat ?

Ayurveda also involves massage with herbal oils.Many methods of massage like Efflurage, tenting and others are utilized which burns the fat.

The Ayurvedic oils are preheated and applied in temperatures not causing any burns to the body and thoroughly massaged.

The ayurvedic massage with oils causes friction over the body, particularly the tummy and due to the raised temperature the fat cells in the tummy burn, thereby the number of fat cells decrease.

The Ayurvedic oils are induced externally into the skin, also act in the same way and decrease your tummy size within few massage regimens.

How to reduce weight by ayurvedic medicines and how to prepare yourselves Ayurveda switching over Ayurveda to reduce obesity and tummy reduction?

The golden rules are to follow these important things strictly.

Keep on low or no refined sugar :

Always reduce or stop taking refined sugar. Because the sugar is refined and Jaggery is a better option if you still cannot avoid sugars.

  • Keep on Low carbohydrate and low lipid diet :
  • Avoid non-vegetarian diet.
  • Regular exercising or walking, Yoga is of additional benefit to reducing obesity.
  • Avoid taking alcohol and also smoking.
  • Maintain good sleep and go to bed early and wake up at early Morning.
  • Maintain proper and regular timings when you take ayurvedic medicines to reduce tummy and obesity as ayurvedic medicines need regular time bound intake to work efficiently
  • Do not mix ayurvedic medicines with allopathic drugs for obesity as it can be harmful
  • Change your cooking oil to Olive oil, Sesame oil, Coconut oil from the regular refined oils of sunflower, palm oil.

Home remedies to reduce belly fat in a month ?


The most common and easiest home remedy to prepare for weight loss and tummy reduction.

Get up early in the morning between 5 to 6 A.M is the most preferred time. Just stir one to two spoons of honey in the boiled water early in the morning.

You need not worry about getting cold from taking lemon as its intake is a morning time.

This is lemon and the Honey solution is an aged old technique not only reducing tummy fat but also works as detoxificant and stomach cleanser.

Ayurvedic remedies need many class of herbs and oils. But if a person obese cannot afford time and money in taking such treatments, then you do have a home remedy to reduce belly fat in a month sitting at your home itself.


How to Prepare :

Gram flour in 5 parts and milled barley in one part or in the ratio of 5:1 to make chapathi or paratha.

  • WATER :

An intake of water t regularly intervals of 4 to 5 liters is also known to burn fat


If you have peptic ulcers and lemon or other citrus juices cause stomach burns ,then water with the combination of honey only can also work to reduce tummy size.


The whole world of obesity reduction runs on it. It burns fat and also removes the harmful free radicals, thus detoxifying your body.


Apple cidar is commonly available and it does burn your fat.


Early in the morning do take fresh guard juice which is known to burn your fat cells.


Peppermint is a known soother in stomach ailments like stomach burns, acidity, but it also aids in burning the fat in the body, especially around the tummy


Curry leaves are known to relieve stomach problems like indigestion and gas problems. Curry leaves also cut your body fat, especially tummy fat and reduce the bloating which gives disfigured tummy.


Easily available and is also taking very much less time in making, Cinnamon can be crushed, boiled in tea.

It is very easy to make cinnamon tea. Take 1-2 small pieces of cinnamon, crush and mix well in the boiling tea.

Cinnamon has very rich anti oxidant properties which also cures allergies apart from reducing your body fat and tummy fat.

Does Ajwain give any benefit in weight loss ?

Ajwain seeds are also known as Bishop seeds or carom seeds. Ajwain seeds scientific name is Trachyspermum ammi, which is a wonderful solution to reduce your tummy, besides this, it also helps in various problems like constipation, kidney, flatulence and liver disorders, eczema, itching, mouth and cold. It is widely used in Ayurveda and is also known to burn your fat cells, thereby reducing your tummy.

Cost factor and how to prepare a drink from Ajwain seeds: Ajwain is very cheap too and very easy to prepare the drink. Soak 25 to 30 grams of Ajain seeds overnight in water. Take out seeds and just add some honey and drink it on empty stomach.

How Ajwain seeds burn fat ?

Ajwain is known to regulate metabolism and increase burning of fat cells and thus reduce overall body fat and specifically tummy fat in about 3 months.

Ajwain seeds contain active thymol, which is known to reduce weight in animal studies on mice, fed on a high-fat diet. However, more research is still needed in this regard from human studies

Side effects of ajwain seeds :

High intake may lead to heart burn, fluctuations in blood pressure, laxative effects.

In Pregnancy: Ajwain is very safe, if consumed in moderate amounts

In Lactating mothers: Ajwain gives double benefit. It not only reduces obesity and tummy fat but also beneficial to lactating mothers as it increases milk production.

Homemade oil to reduce tummy

The goodness and simplicity in Ayurveda are it sometimes offers you the chance of making your own natural herbal remedy sitting in your home. Now you may need not spend your bucks on costly ayurvedic remedies to reduce tummy as ayurveda also provides best home remedies to reduce obesity.

Kavyad rasaa is one of the most sought for and effective ayurvedic remedy to for obesity and tummy reduction. However as this medication consists of heavy metals, intake is strictly as per doctors prescription only.

Pregnant, lactating mothers and children are not advised to take kavyad rasa as it contains heavy metals

Kavyad rasa and how is made and its benefits in reducing tummy size


Herbal purified mercury as Rasa in 48 grams, Herbal purified Sulphurin  grams, Copper as Shulva bhasma, Iron as Loha bhasma of 24 grams, Sulphur as Herbal purified Sulphur 96 grams, Lemon juice extract as Jambirarasa in 4.8 liters, Juice of Amlavetasa or Garcinia penduculata in sufficient quantities for grinding. Panchakola kwatha, Borax as Tankana Bhasma in 192 grams weight, Vida lavana or Vida salt in 96 grams, Maricha or blackpepper or Piper nigrum in 480 grams, Charaka amla vari also known as pea contained water.

Kavyad Rasa helps in reduction of tummy size and overall obesity

Kavyad rasa increases body metabolism and thereby reduces fat cells balancing vata and kapha doshas.

How Kavyad rasa can be taken ?

The dosage is 250 mg twice a day before after intake of heavy to digest food like meat, ghee, fruits. Mostly advised to take after food consumption.

Kavyad rasa can be taken for a month, as per an ayurvedic doctors prescription.

Side Effects:

Over dose may cause moderate to severe poisonous effects. It is strictly a doctor prescription drug.

Does Kravyad rasa reduce your tummy ?

This ayurvedic formulation comprises heavy metals or minerals and herbs that reduce colic pain and certain stomach problems. This Kravyad rasa must not be taken by everyone, particularly pregnant as it has heavy metals which may have serious, undesirous effects and is contraindicated to some. Medical supervision is must in taking this preparation.

Is there a Home made non oil based remedy in ayurveda to reduce tummy ?

Oil base remedies are bit messy and clumsy sometimes. But you do have an alternative non-oil based one in Ayurveda to reduce your tummy. The non-oil based remedy to burn fat is adding Horse gram powder to heated sour buttermilk and applying it as forwarding strokes and bath after 30 minutes of application and thereafter massage to the abdomen and hips.

Varadi tonic :

It is the most potent and famous herbal decoction known to reduce tummy and consists of the following ingredients like Triphala(Tri is Three, Phala is fruit -Three fruits consisting of Amla, Haritaki, Bhibitaki which are emblica officianalis, Terminalia chebula, Terminalia bellirica respectively ). Triphala is a good detoxificant and also a stomach cleanser.

Chitraka is another ingredient which is also known as  Plumabago zeylanica. Cucurma longa also known as Haridra is also present in Varadi tonic along with water

Varadi tonic also consists of Iron and other minerals.

Mode and Best time of taking : Half an hour before break fast and two hours after dinner. Stir 5 ml Varadi syrup in a glass of luke warm water.

Early morning intake is best and that too on empty stomach and if you take it with honey it gives very good results.

Conclusion :

Ayurvedic remedies for obesity and tummy reduction are indispensable, as it involves natural methods that in most cases do not harm your body. It would be wise for anyone to choose ayurveda as the best option for tummy reduction. You will no longer regret these ayurvedic remedies for obesity as it has other benefits too.

Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. CYIS does not claim responsibility for this information.

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